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An announcement from the msnNOW team

By MSN Team Nov 6, 2013 12:08PM
msnNOW launched with the goal of making it easy to discover the stories people are searching for and talking about the most. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed presenting this irresistibly viral content – ranging from binders full of women to buckets full of animals – to our large and loyal audience.


However, as part of our ongoing work to fine-tune our editorial mix, we’ve decided that msnNOW will stop publishing on December 3, 2013. Rather than having a single home for trending content, we will continue integrating that material throughout all MSN channels.


We’ve learned a lot by successfully curating the most interesting stories in real time using msnNOW. We intend to build on what we’ve learned as we partner with some of the world’s leading content brands in the future.


A big thank you to everyone who read and shared msnNOW stories, and to our dedicated community of commenters. We hope msnNOW fans will stay with us for this final month, and for those who love unusual news, watch for more details about a new section on MSN News dedicated to offbeat stories, coming soon.


- The msnNOW Team


Get inspired, get educated and get fit with fun videos highlighting the latest trends in exercise

By MSN Team Jul 8, 2013 10:22AM

We all aspire to be healthy, but there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to fitness.  There are as many ways to stay in shape as there are kinds of people.  That’s why we’re introducing Find Your Fitness, a series of energetic videos featuring Olympian Summer Sanders (@SummerSanders_) as she explores the latest in fitness trends and helps viewers find a workout that fits their lifestyle.  Aimed at fitness fanatics and novices alike, Find Your Fitness is accessible, inspiring and – with Summer’s engaging humor and personality – highly entertaining.

Whether she’s air-drumming her way to toned arms at Pound or toppling off a surfboard while attempting a downward dog in SUP Yoga, join Summer Sanders as she explores fresh approaches to working out that straddle fitness and popular culture. Then check out her Find Your Fitness blog on MSN Healthy Living for behind-the-scenes dish, photos and information from each workout.

Summer Sanders emerged from the 1992 Olympic Games as the most decorated U.S. swimmer, with four medals – two gold, a silver and a bronze. After retiring from swimming, she pursued a career as a television host and health and fitness advocate. 


Have a question for Summer? Join us for a Twitter party hosted by @MSNHealth this Wednesday (7/10) from 12pm - 1pm PST. Summer will be answering questions and giving away fitness-themed prizes using hashtags #FindYourFitness and #MSN.


- Pamela Boyd, Producer MSN


A New Site for Everything Auto

By MSN Team Jun 12, 2013 10:05AM

Buying a car can be a complex journey, especially in this era of the hyper-connected digital universe.   Research shows consumers visit between six and 20 web sites to get the information they want before purchasing an automobile. With that in mind, together with Motor Trend we are creating an all-new, immersive online automotive experience that will significantly change the way people shop for, look at, and talk about cars – all in one place.


The new Motor Trend on MSN site, expected to launch in early 2014, will marry Motor Trend’s industry leading expertise with MSN’s massive scale. The result: a powerful, trusted, and entertaining autos resource designed to appeal to the in-market shopper and automotive enthusiast alike through an unbeatable experience that’s sleek, fast, and optimized for every screen – be it desktop, tablet, or mobile. The central focus of the effort will be a completely redesigned, easy-to-use Buying Guide heavy on vital information and seamlessly integrated into the overall experience, including deep car comparison tool, engaging editorial, and professionally produced videos. 

For advertisers, Motor Trend on MSN will create a new and improved path to reach millions of qualified consumers who are ready and eager to learn more about and purchase autos. The new site will offer customized brand integration plus delivery of massive scale, allowing advertisers to engage with car buyers for maximum ROI. Major events such as Motor Trend’s Best Driver’s Car and annual Of the Year Awards, and the redesigned Buying Guide will provide high-quality contextual environments for reaching both influencers and in-market intenders. Motor Trend influencers directly impact an average of seven-plus car decisions a year among their peer circles. Additionally, only 1% of the combined audience of MSN and MotorTrend.com overlaps today*, providing even more value to advertisers with little duplication of audience.  

“We are very excited about our partnership with MSN,” said Eric B. Schwab, EVP, Sales & Marketing, and Group Publisher of the Motor Trend Automotive Group.  “The idea of Motor Trend on MSN is to combine the reach and capability of MSN with the rich and authoritative premium auto content from Motor Trend.”   

“Automotive influencers, as well as new car intenders, will be offered an entirely new way to experience content and shop for automobiles,” continued Schwab. “Motor Trend on MSN will offer advertisers multi-platform solutions with unparalleled scale and credibility in the auto arena.  It’s a win-win all the way around.” 

Motor Trend on MSN will set us apart from the competition for several reasons: 

  • Motor Trend web content will be exclusively available on MSN. For 65 years, Motor Trend has set the standard for unbiased, high-quality, and entertaining automotive journalism.


  • Motor Trend on MSN will launch with a new slate of original automotive content and video focused on the all-new Buying Guide experience.


  • Navigation will be simpler and performance faster across desktop, mobile, and tablet, allowing for dramatically improved ease of use.


  • New social features will analyze millions of search and social signals to surface trending auto topics and allow for immediate sharing, complementing Motor Trend’s existing social media channels.

  •  Motor Trend on MSN will provide best of breed advertising opportunities to brands via unparalleled credibility of content, massive reach, robust search tools, and a built in social platform.


For years, MSN Autos has been one of the web’s top destinations for helping people research, shop, and buy autos. We’re excited to take that experience to the next level by leveraging Motor Trend, the authoritative source for autos content and expertise. 



- Keith Lorizio,Vice President of US Sales & Marketing, Microsoft Advertising

(*Source: comScore audience duplication, April 2013).



MSN Trivia Experience tours US

By MSN Team May 28, 2013 11:31AM
Do you consider yourself “in the know” around current events? Here’s your chance to prove it. The MSN Trivia experience launched this week, offering a whole new level of challenge to news fanatics and trivia speedsters. Test the speed of your knowledge through a series of questions about the most current of current events. The faster you answer, the higher you score. And if you get stumped, you can always jump to MSN.com to find the answers. You'll have to think fast, and if you're among the quickest minds in the country, you could win a Microsoft Surface RT!  

Starting Friday, May 31, the MSN Trivia mobile is taking the challenge to the road. Play MSN Trivia against your friends in the following cities and locations: 

Los Angeles

  • 5/31 – Hollywood Blvd & N Las Palmas Ave
  • 6/1 – Santa Monica Pier
  • 6/2 – Westfield Century City Mall

San Francisco

  • 6/7 – Union Square / Geary & Powell
  • 6/8 – Market Street between Powell & Stockton
  • 6/9 – Pier 39 at Fisherman's Wharf


  • 6/14 –Downtown Bellevue, WA (near Lincoln Square)

Follow the adventures with @KnowMSN on Twitter, and find the truck for a chance to win great prizes at every stop on the tour. Are you in the know? Prove it with MSN Trivia.


- The MSN Team



Firefox users can now scan msnNOW within their browsers

By MSN Team May 14, 2013 9:59AM

Today we are announcing the general availability of msnNOW for Firefox which allows you to see what’s trending across the web on msnNOW in a convenient sidebar view within the Firefox browser*.


If you use Firefox and would like to add msnNOW, simply go to https://now.msn.com/​now-for-firefox and enable it in your browser.  What’s more, Firefox users who are interested in staying in the know with MSN can also download Firefox with MSN optimized to show you news and entertainment as you start up your browser. 

-  The MSN Team


*  This update is compatible with Firefox v.21 Beta, Firefox v. 21 and Firefox v. 22 Beta. 




Earn credits while you stay in the know

By MSN Team May 3, 2013 9:54AM

Starting today in the US, you will be able to earn Bing Rewards credits by exploring and discovering new ways MSN keeps you in the know.  Bing Rewards members are now able to keep track of their credit balance right from the MSN homepage. From getting things done with the help of Bing’s search results to catching up on the news that matters most to you on MSN, we’re delighted to enhance the benefits and experience of using both Bing and MSN every day.

We launched the Bing Rewards program two and a half years ago with a goal of helping people discover new features, improving the search experience and rewarding people for their loyalty. Since then over 3 million members have joined and the program has grown from a standalone feature within the Bing Bar to a fully integrated aspect of the Bing web experience. Along the way, we’ve added new benefits such as silver and gold status, new rewards including apps and games for Windows Phone 8, Xbox Music Passes and Skype Credit, and the ability to earn extra credits for referring friends.


To get started, simply navigate to MSN.com and look for the Bing Rewards icon and credit counter at the top of the page (currently not available on MSN for Windows 8).  If you’re a Bing Rewards member you’ll see your balance and offers automatically. Not a Bing Rewards member yet? Join here.


All the credits members earn across Bing and MSN can be taken to the Bing Rewards redemption center where they can be redeemed for a selection of rewards including brand name gift cards, opportunities to enter to win exclusive prizes or charitable donations to a variety of causes.


-         - Alex Danskin, Bing Rewards Team


Firefox users can stay ahead of the conversation and trends with msnNOW within their browsers

By MSN Team Apr 9, 2013 5:26PM

Mozilla, the makers of the Firefox browser, are launching a new way for people to see content from their social networks and several media sites directly in the browser. Today we are announcing the beta availability of msnNOW for Firefox which allows you to see what’s trending across the web on msnNOW in a convenient sidebar view while you browse the web.

msnNOW makes it easy to stay up to date on the things people are talking about, searching for and sharing the most. Our editors scour the most interesting trends from real-time sources like Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and BreakingNews.com, so you'll always know what's happening and get the jump on what everyone is talking about. Now Firefox users can stay up to date on the social conversation and emerging trends via a glance-able sidebar on the right hand side of the screen.  If you see something interesting, simply click on the headline and you be taken to msnNOW where our expert editors provide key insights on why it’s trending, if it's true, what people are saying about it and where to find out more.

If you use Firefox and would like to add msnNOW, simply go to https://now.msn.com/now-for-firefox and add it to your browser.  What’s more, Firefox users who are interested in staying in the know with MSN can also download Firefox with MSN optimized to show you news and entertainment as you start up your browser. 

-          The MSN Team


One third of people use their laptop while watching the tournament

By MSN Team Mar 18, 2013 9:11AM

Sports fans know that speed matters when a game is on the line. But it’s not the only place people appreciate quickness. MSN for Windows 8 has all the information you need in one place.  Whether you’re researching teams for your bracket or reading up on the latest tournament upset, you’ll not only save time but you’ll be the first to know about the latest scores, player stats, schedules and more. In fact, FOX Sports on MSN for Windows 8 is more than seven times faster on average than the top four major online sports sites.



While college basketball fans come in all shapes and sizes and have can have vastly different loyalties (even in the same household), there’s one thing they all have in common: they will do crazy things to support their team. For example, FOXSports’ Erin Andrews has a very specific superstitious ritual to ensure her favorite team, the Gators, will be victorious. Before every big game she rips off her bedding and throws it into a wad on the floor. Whatever it takes, right?

From bedding superstitions to lucky charms or game day rituals – college basketball fans will take it to the limits for their team. In fact, a recent survey from MSN and Impulse revealed just how much time and energy people are willing to commit to the tournament this year. More than 30 percent of people spend at least three hours of the work day following the tournament, and one in ten have even called in sick for work to stay home and watch. That’s commitment; let’s just hope their bosses don’t take notice.


When it comes to brackets, fans are just as dedicated. 25 percent plan to complete three or more separate brackets and 26 percent visit three or more sites while they are creating their brackets – that’s a lot of research. 


Other survey results show how these loyal and crazy fans will take in the tournament this season:


  • 41 percent of people check college basketball stats or scores online while they’re at work.
  • One third of people have their laptops by their side as they watch the tournament games at home.
  • 31 percent of people surveyed think the college basketball tournament title will go to the Big 10 this year.


There’s already chatter that this tournament could be one of the most surprising and exciting in recent history. We may see games chalk full of upsets, Cinderella stories and maybe even a few buzzer beaters. People report their most memorable buzzer beater of previous tournaments was when Duke beat Kentucky at the buzzer and went on to win the championship in 1992. Maybe there will be a new buzzer beater to go down in history this year? One can hope!


Don’t just follow the basketball fever this year, be a part of it. Visit the Microsoft store nearest to you to give MSN for Windows 8 a try and see for yourself how it loads seven times faster on average than other major online sports sites. You can also check out how Erin Andrews stays in the know during the tournament on MSN.


-  The MSN Team